About Us

  Our goat farming story is a little different from most, but is still kind of the same. We always planned to farm, we just never planned to farm ADGA registered dairy goats.

  When we moved to this 10 acre piece of paradise, the plan was the breed horses for barrels. We both come from a background of love for horses but my wife grew up working on a horse farm. She broke, trained,  sold and ran barrels herself. She took home state in 2012. So, it only made sense to buy the stud of her dreams and train him up. So, that’s what we did!! … until 9 p.m. one night in November 2017, we received a phone call about a 4 hour old abandoned baby goat that a friend of mine didn’t have the time to bottle feed. Neither of us had ever raised a bottle baby goat but we took on the task and we slept with a baby goat in a laundry basket beside our bed for 3 solid weeks.


Her name is Lucy, and she is where the love for goats emerged.


  Over the next 6 months we bought, sold, traded and loved every single second of goat farming. Then, we had the opportunity to buy our first ADGA registered Nubian buck and that’s where the real love began. Within 3 months we’d bought 5 does and started expanding our farm family, learning about showing, conformation, and quality bloodlines and are striving to breed for betterment of the breed in both our Nubian herd and our Nigerian herd. This year we hope to get more into shows and linear appraisal. Stay tuned because it’s never a dull moment on the farm!