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Located just on the outskirts of Pinson, Alabama, we breed both Nubian and Nigerians Dwarf goats. Our goal in both of our herds is always to build a better goat. In our eyes, that is a goat that is correct in conformation, and capable of maintaining their condition throughout their lactation as well as their life span.

We love our Nubian Goats for their sociable yet laid back demeanor. Their go with the flow attitude make them relatively easy keepers and quickly trainable, while their sociable side makes them fun to just hang out with over morning coffee and watching those floppy ears while they run is easily a favorite past time. 

The Nigerian Dwarfs won us over unexpectedly when we brought home a doe in milk just to have for personal milking purposes. Very quickly we fell in love with their larger than life playful personalities. They are always up for a good game of chase, and more times than not, we have the juniors fighting for a spot in our laps. 

Regardless if we are prepping for a dairy goat show, deciding which direction we want to take our breeding plan or just hanging out with the herd, our number one concern is that our herd is healthy and happy. 

It's Not About The Ribbons

For ribbons will fade

and trophies grow old.

Money's soon spent,

and fame grows old.

The important things

are not ribbons or pins

and sometimes...

it's the loser who wins.

The important things 

are the memories you make,

the experiences you take, 

Cooperation and dedication.

They'll help you become

A mighty fine man. 

They'll do more for you,

than a prize ever can.  

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.
- Albert Einstein 

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Conveniently Located Just 20 Miles North of Birmingham, Alabama

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